Blue Lotus DAO Products

Blue Lotus DAO is both a multi-chain DEX aggregator and a liquidity source with capital-efficient liquidity pools that earns fees for liquidity providers.
Blue Lotus DAO is the best place to trade and earn on networks such as Ethereum, Avax,Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), among others; you can get the best rates for your token/coins swaps and earn more with your token/coin assets.
No sign-ups are required to use our platform. You just need a crypto wallet such as Metamask. To get started, simply visit and connect your crypto wallet!
Blue Lotus DAO supports multiple blockchain networks, namely Ethereum, Polygon, Avax,Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & others. Each of these networks have their own native token/coin that you would also need to pay for network transaction fees (aka gas).
For example, to make a trade on Ethereum network, you will need some ETH as gas. Make sure that you have ETH in your crypto wallet. If you do not have any ETH, you will need to first acquire some from a centralized crypto exchange and send it to your wallet.
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