Learn about Decision-Making, Discussion and Impartial Knowledge Sharing among the Stakeholders of Blue Lotus.
In this section you will learn all about the token in which the owners have the responsibility of Blue Lotus protocol.
With the launch of the DEX, the question arises: How is a community supposed to have power in the decisions of a DEX? This is achieved thanks to governance tokens.
Effective governance and risk management of the entire process is essential to its continued operation. These duties must involve human participation and cannot be automated through smart contracts.
BLUEG (governance token) empowers community governance - not a fundraising device or investment opportunity.
BLUEG token holders attempt to build structures and processes to allow governance and administration to occur in an efficient, decentralized and secure manner. BLUEG token holders aim to increase the value of their tokens. In addition, they must properly discuss and critique any future updates to the swap to ensure that they result in a higher accumulated value for Blue Lotus, rather than risking the value itself.
An adequate governance system, with transparency and operational efficiency, will allow continuous and rapid innovation.