Governance involves processes carried out both outside the chain and inside the chain.
Blue Lotus (BLUEG) Token holders are in charge of guiding the governance system with the correct decision-making in order to obtain improvements for the whole ecosystem through the votes of the Blue Lotus governance system.

On-Chain Governance

On-chain governance involves the Governance Sites: Forum and Portal. Only those who contain BLUEG and are registered can participate in these rooms.
A forum for discussions related to governance. Share proposals, encourage feedback, and share the future of the protocol with the Blue Lotus community.
Only users who have signed up for an account before being able to share, discuss, or support posts are allowed to post.
The official portal to vote in governance. Here you will find live governance proposal reviews and where you can delegate your on-chain vote.
This process of delegating votes is essential since it is the only way to have the right to vote, if this process is not carried out, in addition to having your BLUEG tokens, you will not be able to vote.

Off-Chain Governance

Off-chain governance refers to processes that do not require on-chain voting or BLUEG ownership, but do not affect decision-making. The Governance Site is used: Snapshot. The result is purely an indicator of sentiment when explaining a certain proposal.
A simple off-chain voting interface for the Blue Lotus community, with the goal of indicating sentiment during the early stages of a proposal life cycle.
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