Once a proposal has been debated and considered by the community, resolution is achieved via chain voting.
There are two types of votes: Snapshot and Portal. The first signals the general intent and the second acts on an action to change the state.

What do I need to vote?

To be able to vote you need to have only BLDT tokens and be registered in the governance system.

What is the role of voting?

Users can vote for or against individual proposals once they have delegated voting rights in their address. Votes can be cast while a proposal is in the "Active" status.


BLDT holders cannot vote or create proposals until they delegate their voting rights to an address. Delegation can be given to one address at a time, including the holder's own address. Please note that delegation locks tokens until you wish to withdraw them, where an unlock period will apply.
The fact that it can only be delegated to one address at a time solves the problem that users can vote multiple times with the same tokens using different wallets.
Only users who have signed up for an account are allowed to post before they can share, discuss, or support posts.

Voting Period

Once a proposal has been submitted, BlueLotusDAO community members will have a period of 3 days (the Voting Period) to cast their votes.

Can I move my BLDT while the vote is in progress?

Tokens once locked for delegation, cannot be moved until you select the withdrawal option.

How many times can I make a proposal?

Each node has its own number of proposals to be able to make and said number is monthly.
Root Node can only vote but cannot create proposals.
Seed Node can vote and create proposals with a maximum of 2.
Haulm Node can vote and create proposals with a maximum of 4.
Committee Node can vote and create proposals with a maximum of 5.