Consensus Check

Phase 2 - Consensus Check

The purpose of the Consensus Check is to establish a respectful, formal and knowledge-enriched discussion around a potential target.
To create a Consensus Check:
  1. 1.
    Use as feedback the comments of the Temperature Check post that have obtained the most support and create a survey. This survey can be binary or multiple-choice, but in both cases it must include the option “Do not make changes” or its equivalent. Set the duration to five days.
  2. 2.
    Create a new topic in the Consensus Check category, titled “Consensus Check #0000 - [TITLE]”. This will alert the community that a potential change has already passed the Temperature Check. Any topic that starts with the Consensus Check and has not passed the Temperature Check will be immediately removed by the community moderators; and whoever has done it will also have a warning, if he commits this fault again he will have a sanction that will be determined by the moderators. Make sure posts in this new category include the new snapshot poll, the Temperature Check thread, and the previous poll in Consensus Check.
  3. 3.
    Discuss the proposal, ask for support and have the delegates vote. Be willing to answer questions about the proposed change, share your point of view and be as impartial as possible.
At the end of the fifth day, only one option that has the most votes wins and can be included in phase 3 of the governance process. A quorum of 75% affirmative votes is required to pass the Consensus Check.
If the “No Changes” option or its equivalent wins, the topic described in the Consensus Check must be closed by the community moderators.