Voting Authority

In the Blue Lotus ecosystem, there are two categories in which the minimum number of tokens to own and their voting authority are specified.

Committee Node

The committee nodes were created as an initiative of the Board of Directors, to give value to those holders who continue to support the protocol from its initial stage of the project.
Each node holder must stake a minimum amount of BLUEG. These nodes can no longer increase in number as it is a fixed number, in total there will be 23.
Anyway, the support node is for those just starting out in this Ecosystem.

Supporter Node

This node was created because while the number of Committee Nodes can no longer increase, any BLUEG holder can apply to become a Support Node at any time.
Any BLUEG address above the minimum token requirement can be applied through the smart contract and become a supporter node.
Node Level
BLUEG Minimun Hold
Voting Authority
Root Node
Seed Node
Haulm Node

Vote Weight

All the different nodes when delegating their votes have the same relationship, 1 Node = 1 vote, what changes is the weight of the vote for the supporter nodes category.
The number of governance tokens only affects the level of node you belong to, not the number of votes.
In the case of Committee Nodes, the minimum holding of BLUEG will be TBD tokens. The total voting authority for all CN holders represents 60% of the overall voting authority.
For support nodes, which are made up of 3 levels, the minimum tenure varies depending on the level of the node. The weight of the vote they have over the total voting power is 40% (RN-HN).
All the voting weights for the categories satisfy the ratio of 100% of the general vote and their values can be adjusted as the Committee deems appropriate.
This categorization does not affect the Governance Process, it only affects the voting power itself. Anyone who meets the requirements may establish a potential proposal.