How to use Blue20-Bridge

Please follow this simple steps to migrate your tokens from either BSC to Gchain (BNB-BLUE20)

  1. Visit our official page

  1. Connect your wallet

  1. Select the tokens from the network you want either from Gchain to BSC or BSC to GCHAIN, for this example we will be using BSC to Gchain and the Token will be USDT-Bep20 to USDT-Blue20

  1. Click Unlock, it will prompt you to your wallet (please make sure you are authorizing your max spending amount for the transaction) in this case we only max 10 USDT-Bep20 and click approve

  1. After you approve your transaction in the wallet, it will take you back to the bridge page and click request

  1. Confirm the transaction by clicking "continue", please be advise that the transfer process requires 2 transactions, one on Binance Smart Chain and one on GChain

Confirm in your wallet again

  1. Wait a few seconds for signature collection from both BSC and Blue-20 networks

    1. By Switching from BSC network to Blue20 network you will be able to vizualize your USDT in Gchain.

    Make sure to add the USDT or USDC official contracts in Blue20 in order to view your tokens.

    official contracts are:

    USDT Blue20: 0x766C8AeD079D43D6B29dA8792b818373b933d80e

    USDC Blue20:0x772bf1c089463341cd18e1c99ffa10d433e12db4

    Lastly check your wallet.

Please note that is the same process to transfer assets from Blue20 to BSC network.

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