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GVA Launchpad

GVA Launchpad is a Decentralized Development Community Platform that allows users to create and launch their own token, create their own initial token sale with no previous blockchain coding knowledge required.
GVA offers many other features to help you with general token launch, such as: Automatic listing of your token, while giving you the ability to lock your LP and and add an optional vesting period for your tokens.
GVA aims to incentivize users to continue using our platform; Our goal is to provide a secure environment for all of our investors who use Genesys Network Ecosystem; With this in mind, we have implemented strict KYC procedures to prevent dangerous and deceptive behavior from entering our platform. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that you, the investor, feel protected and can be confident that GenesysView is a safe place to invest in crypto projects.
This part of the Project will be a great liquidity catalyst for Genesys Network & Blue Lotus Dao.