Temperature Check

Phase 1 - Temperature Check

The objective of Temperature Check is to determine if there is enough power to change the status quo, so that if a proposal does not successfully pass this process, it is immediately suspended without being able to reactivate said proposal.
To create a Temperature Check:
  1. 1.
    Ask a general and impartial question to the community in the forum about a potential change (example: "Should Blue Lotus governance create a DeFi Education Fund?"). The post in the forum must be labeled as follows: "TEMPERATURE CHECK # 0000 - [TITLE]". Behind that, in "# 0000" it will be changing from number in (x + 1) as new proposals are suggesting, where each should be positively increasing with respect to the previous one. The post in the forum must include the link associated with the SnapShot survey and in turn, to carry a better control, it must be linked with the link to the post previous to it.
  2. 2.
    Voters use Snapshot to indicate their interest in taking that proposal to the next phase. The Snapshot survey must be set to a three day time period
With these simple steps you have already created a proposal with potential action in the governance of BlueLotusDAO, to start the process of obtaining support for the proposal. At the end of the third day, a difference of 65% votes is what will determine if said proposal goes to the next phase or is suspended.
If the Temperature Check does not suggest a potential change to the status quo, the topic will be closed in the Forum. If the Temperature Check suggests a change, proceed to the next phase.