What is GCHAIN?

  • GChain is a fork of the Ethereum Network, so it goes without saying that most of the mechanisms, concepts, tool and binaries tools including documentation, are largely derived from Ethereum. Building on that EVM compatibility foundation, GChain introduces a system of 33 Validator Nodes (BlueNodes) with Staked Proof of Authority (PoSA) consensus that supports shorter block time and lower fees, these will be the 33 Nodes Validators that will carry out the entire consensus of the Network plus 467 Support Nodes of the network which are staking validators. In addition, double sign detection and other break logic to further ensure string security, stability, and finality in the blockchain.

  • GCHAIN is a self-sovereign and decentralized blockchain that provides security and protection to the validators and the entire network.

  • GCHAIN is EMV-compliant. Which enables all existing Ethereum tools along with faster finality and super low transaction fees. The staked authority test brings decentralization and community participation. As a native currency, GSYS COIN works for both; the gas from the execution of smart contracts and tokens for Staking Validators.

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