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  • GChain is a blockchain configured under the Proof Of Authority (POA) consensus and is designed to become a blockchain with a balance between security, scalability, speed and development.
  • Our goal is to be the leading blockchain for Major League Sports, Entertainment and Enterprise who wants to create a Web3 ecosystem where they can develop decentralized business experiences within a secure community powered by our network.
  • Any developer interested in exploring the potential that GChain offers has the opportunity to use the most decentralized POA network existing in the Crypto market with 500 Validator Nodes that support consensus and decentralization of the network.
  • GCHAIN is compatible with EVM, it will provide the opportunity to create the best and most secure ecosystems developed with EVM technology which provides 100% security and is compatible with Ethereum tools, making it simple and easy to build in the hassle-free CC2 environment.