BlueHosting FAQ

  • What is Managed Cloud Web Hosting?
Managed Cloud Web Hosting gives you a virtual private server (VPS) dedicated to your website – or websites. Depending on the size of the VPS you purchase and its resources, you can host as many sites as you like. This is different from our shared hosting, where your website shares resources from our multi-server hosting platform. Unlike a standard VPS, you don’t have to concern yourself with its setup and maintenance – that’s done by our team or those at Amazon or Google. You get a simple user-friendly control panel to manage and monitor your Managed Cloud Hosting. From the same control panel, you can manage any other services you buy through us. If you need a recommendation on what would be the best Managed Cloud Hosting for you, please get in touch.
  • Should I use shared or Managed Cloud Hosting?
For small businesses or personal projects, our shared web hosting on WordPress or Linux is more than capable and best value. If your website is very busy, or you wish to host multiple busy websites, we’d recommend our Managed Cloud Web hosting. Get in touch if you have any questions.
  • Should I use Blue Hosting Cloud, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud?
Our Managed Cloud Hosting is the best value, especially as it includes free bandwidth (up to a limit). By the number of users, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform, while the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a close second. Amazon has more data centers than Google, but both provide global coverage. AWS offers a larger range of services than GCP, but they both offer web hosting. If you already use AWS or GCP, you may wish to continue your current services by migrating them to us to make your cloud hosting better value and easier to manage. If you’d like an honest recommendation on which hosting package is best suited to your website, please contact us.