Platforms & Technologies

Built for incredible performance

Learn about our unique approach to hosting your websites and take advantage of our key features:

  • Choose from three powerful platforms

Linux, WordPress, or Windows • Autoscaling and load balancing for enhanced speed and security • 100% SSD (solid state drive) storage • Green hosting powered by 100% renewable energy • IPv6 enabled • Secure, state-of-the-art UK and US data centers • Friendly UK support

  • MShared hosting with a difference

Unlike other web hosts, your website isn’t tied to a single server. Our whole platform ensures incredible reliability and speed at an unbelievably low price. Traditional shared hosting performance depends on traffic and other users, but our load-balanced platforms automatically scale to meet resource demands at no extra cost to you. Keep your website online and running fast while you focus on your business.

  • Data center & hardware

Our premium hardware and latest security and environmental technologies are available in our data centers. With technicians onsite 24/7 and a resilient national network, your websites are safe with us. We’ve invested heavily in hardware to ensure optimal performance and a faultless design without a single point of failure. Each server has Dual Intel Xeon Scalable 12-core processors with hyper-threading, presenting 48 logical cores and 64GB DDR4 RAM. MySQL and MSSQL databases use the same type of Intel Xeon servers with 192GB RAM and SSD storage. Our resilient high-performance storage platform uses 100% SSD storage arrays in a RAID 10 configuration, replicated across multiple servers to prevent downtime. We take daily data backups and run our own bespoke Web Application Firewall that filters out threatening requests before they can target your website. Our hosting servers run on 100% renewable energy with a power usage efficiency ratio as low as 1.12.

  • WordPress-specific features

Our bespoke WordPress platform is optimised for speed and security with StackCache caching, MySQL resource handling, and automatic WordPress core updates. Forget about updating WordPress manually, we automatically update your core WordPress installs with the latest security fixes and features. Built-in plugin monitoring automatically blocks any potentially abusive plugins that may put your website at risk or impact performance. StackCache enhances your website caching for consistently quick loading speeds. Manage it yourself directly from your WordPress Dashboard if you prefer. Use WordPress Tools to create WordPress staging sites in one click and manage common WordPress tasks from your My20i dashboard.

  • Linux-specific features

Our high-powered Linux platform is ideal for running everything from Joomla! to Magento. If you’re not sure what kind of hosting you need or what kind of website you want, Linux is the best choice. Our optimised Apache with NGINX Edge Cache ensures your website always runs at its best. With over 80 one-click installs to choose from, you can install powerful free software titles in seconds, including content management systems and ecommerce software. Our Linux platform supports multiple programming languages, including many different versions of PHP, for greater flexibility for your website, frameworks, and scripts.

  • Windows-specific features

Our solid Windows platform is designed to meet all your web hosting needs. We use only the latest Windows hosting technology for our platform to ensure you’re always benefiting from the latest features and improvements. Our optimised IIS performance gives you enhanced website performance, ensuring better page speeds, happier visitors, and support for all ASP and ASP.NET languages from 2.0 onwards.

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