Fully-Managed Cloud Hosting Benefits

One feature-rich control panel to manage everything.
All our services are managed from our powerful and easy-to-use control panel. So, you can manage one website on shared hosting, two websites on Amazon, two on Google, and five on Bluehost Cloud – all in one place. And you're not limited to websites: databases, domains, email, files, Git version control, and much more can all be managed centrally. It's all one integrated hosting service.
  • A team of cloud hosting experts at your back.
You'll have access to the same hosting used by the largest companies in the world. So you'll get the best teams of hosting and network security experts behind you. They have access to the latest training and technologies to ensure that your cloud server remains faultless.
  • The best data centers and networks.
You'll be using the same data centers favored by the likes of Amazon and Google, with a presence in regions across the globe. Your traffic will flow over the best networks, ensuring your data packets are prioritized and travel the shortest distance, improving website performance.
  • Email included.
No need to set up a separate server for your email: unlimited business email is included with all our Managed Cloud Hosting. Plus, it won’t eat into your computer or storage – it's handled away from your web server.
  • E-commerce-ready hosting.
You can choose a cloud server that’s been optimized for online stores. PHP-FPM and PHP OPCache will speed up WooCommerce, while Redis and Elasticsearch will allow you to take advantage of Magento’s latest features. By being faster and more secure, your e-commerce site may get a higher ROI.
  • Unstoppable performance.
With compute, memory, and storage dedicated solely to your website(s), you won’t find faster hosting anywhere else. We use brand-name hardware from the likes of Intel, Samsung, and Dell.
  • Flexibility baked-in.
One of the main advantages of cloud hosting is its flexibility. Should your website begin to approach the limits of your chosen package, you can scale it up instantly, at any time.
  • Reliability and uptime.
As we manage and maintain the underlying infrastructure, your business can benefit from higher levels of uptime and less downtime due to hardware or technical errors.
Managed Cloud Hosting includes over eighty website apps designed to simplify site creation and management. These apps include Drupal, Joomla!, Laravel, OpenCart, Magento, Moodle, PrestaShop, Roundcube, and WordPress. All of them are free and can be installed with just one click.