Managed Virtual Servers

Do you need the freedom and power of a virtual private server (VPS) without the hard work of keeping it updated and patched? Then our Managed VPS is perfect for you.
Our Managed VPS provides dedicated resources in a versatile and easy-to-use website hosting package. They make use of website-optimized software and are built on cutting-edge hardware, maintained by a team of VPS experts.
With a range of different sizes, our VPS is suitable for just a single website, right up to hundreds of sites – or multiple large resource-intensive e-commerce sites.
Port Speed
1 Core
1 GB
25 GB
100 Mbps
2 Cores
2 GB
50 GB
100 Mbps
4 Cores
4 GB
75 GB
250 Mbps
6 Cores
8 GB
100 GB
500 Mbps
8 Cores
16 GB
200 GB
1 Gbps
10 Cores
32 GB
400 GB
1 Gbps
12 Cores
64 GB
800 GB
1 Gbps