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Dynamic NFT

Starting from the seeds each lotus will evolve and change over time, in a process that will be unlock exclusively by the user that possess the seeds.

What is a Dynamic NFT?

Basically, is the next Step for the NFT space, allowing unique items to evolve, change and in some cases decay. This process replicates the ephemeral nature of the real world and potentially gives exceptional value to a collected item because of its current state. NFT’s transitioning from being “only” static to being dynamic can be thought of as progressing from 2D to 3D, it enables an immense possibility of use cases.
Each Lotus will contain a Verifiable randomness Feature or (VRF) meaning that each flower will have a unique random trait, this will determine the rarity, the level and the power rank of each of the type.
This trait also will enable to use the Lotus Flowers in the future “play and earn game” that will be develop by Genesys Blockchain. This multiplayer online game will feature unique items that will be unlock by the type of Lotus that the player possess; that will give specific advantages over their opponents, each Lotus holder will be granted special privileges within the game, depending on the rarity of the lotus.