Managed Virtual Servers

  • Managed Virtual Private Servers
If you want the power and freedom of a virtual private server (VPS) without the hassle of keeping it updated and patched, our Managed VPS is the perfect solution for you. Our Managed VPS provides dedicated resources in an easy-to-use and versatile website hosting package. Built on cutting-edge hardware and maintained by a team of VPS experts, our VPS use website-optimized software. They are available in a range of sizes and can support a single website, hundreds of sites, or multiple large resource-intensive ecommerce sites.
  • Features of Managed VPS
Unlimited Bandwidth, Website Backups and DDoS Protection
All Managed VPS come with unlimited bandwidth, website backups, and DDoS protection to ensure your site is always secure and available.
  • SSD Storage
With Samsung SSDs, your site data will load quickly, even on mobile devices. Enjoy faster page speeds and improved performance.
  • Generous Memory
Your website's apps will use lightning-fast 3200 Mhz ECC-registered DDR4 memory to ensure optimal performance.
  • Processing Power
Our Managed VPS use Intel Xeon Scalable 12-core processors with hyperthreading, providing 48 logical cores and all the compute power your site needs.
  • Super-fast Network
Each VPS gets a port speed that suits its size, with Dell servers using 10 Gbps switches linked to a 40 Gbps internet uplink for super-fast network speed.
  • UK or US Data Centres
Your data is stored in secure, ISO 27001, PCI-certified data centers staffed 24x7x365, providing peace of mind. All Managed VPS also include a free CDN, giving your sites a global presence and faster page load speeds.
  • Green VPS Hosting
All our hosting servers are powered by 100% renewable energy, ensuring a greener hosting experience.
  • Easy Management with StackCP Control Panel
StackCP, our user-friendly control panel, makes website management tasks a pleasure, not a chore. It has a clean design with all the features you need at your fingertips and is responsive so you can use it on any device. With StackCP, you can manage all aspects of your web hosting, including file transfers, database and email management, and more. There are no license fees, no matter how many websites you host on your VPS.
  • Great for Developers
Developers love our Managed VPS because they can run Python WSGI apps, .NET Core and Node JS, and set up permanent processes. Tools that make coding easy, like Drush, Git, and WP CLI, are available through SSH. Our Managed VPS provides the resources you need for any website project.
  • Unlimited Cloud Email
Use as much email as you’d like, and it won’t eat into your VPS resources. That’s because email services are hosted separately on different servers. So you get all the power of your VPS devoted to your website(s).
  • Free CDN
All Managed VPS come with a free, fully-featured Content Delivery Network that makes your websites load quickly globally.
  • Security-Focused
Our VPS are security-focused, with daily and on-demand malware scans, a 1 Tbps+ DDoS shield, free SSL certificates, brute-force login protection, and two-factor authentication (2FA). Our VPS team manages all core software security patches for you.
  • Free Backups
All your data is backed up every day, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, you can create backups yourself quickly and easily from within your control panel any time.
  • Free Website Apps
We offer over 80 one-click install website applications that make it fast and easy to create professional websites. These include WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, Matomo, Media Wiki, and many more.