Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Manage your customers effectively and ensure great communication and sales with these customer relationship management tools. Our CRM one-click installs include: phpCOIN, SugarCRM, and SuiteCRM.

Live Chat & Ticket Systems Advice and support your customers with live chat software and support ticket systems that work perfectly straight out of the box. Our live chat and ticket system one-click installs include: Crafty/Sales Syntax, Help Centre Live, osTicket, phpFreeChat, and Trouble Ticket Express.

Marketing & Advertising Send marketing emails to your subscribers and employ a feature-rich banner advertising system for your website to increase revenue. Our marketing and advertising one-click installs include: phpList, PHPMailer, Prosper202, and Revive Adserver.

Frameworks & Developer Tools Prefer to code?

Take a look at our bug tracking software and frameworks created especially for developers. Our framework and developer tool one-click installs include: CakePHP, MantisBT, and Slim.

Website Tools Add additional functionality to your website with surveys, easy-to-manage FAQ systems, and user-friendly contact form creators. Our website tool one-click installs include: Form Tools, LimeSurvey, phpFormGenerator, PhpMyFAQ, Tcexam, and WebCalendar.

A Hosting Platform Like No Other Our powerful, bespoke hosting platform has been designed for you by experts with over twenty years of industry experience. We provide unbeatable load-balanced cloud hosting, meaning there is no single point of failure and your website's performance will never be affected by other users' websites, visitors, or activity. All servers come with SSD storage as standard, and we have optimized every part of your experience for maximum speed and security. Our hosting is designed to scale as your website grows, meaning you get the same great performance no matter how popular you get.

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